Through my research, I have accumulated substantial experience with all elements of the process of developing, implementing, and evaluating pro-diversity and anti-prejudice initiatives, as well as presenting data and information in a variety of contexts.


  • Conducting interviews and focus groups with individuals from different backgrounds about social climate.

  • Writing and distributing climate surveys that provide meaningful information about social climate.

  • Conducting observational research to capture real-world intergroup behavior.

  • Selecting relevant scientific theories and translating these ideas into clear messaging.


  • Choosing the form, distribution channel(s), timing, and location for a given initiative.

  • Coordinating with individuals across organizations to ensure implementation fidelity.


  • Selecting compelling outcomes that speak to the success of a given initiative.

  • Using experimental methods to provide the strongest tests of effectiveness.

  • Collecting a range of types of outcome data, including actual intergroup behavior, self-reported attitudes and motivation, well-being, performance, etc.

  • Conducting sophisticated data analyses and presenting results of these analyses in a clear way to a general audience, including visual aids.


  • Sharing the results of scientific research for both specialized and general audiences.

  • Giving lectures and talks on topics related to prejudice and discrimination, motivation science, etc.

  • Leading workshops on improving climate in the classroom/workplace, designing effective pro-diversity interventions, etc.

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