Take The Pledge!

The COVID-19 pandemic has caused many people to lose their income, healthcare, housing, etc. As someone who has not been affected in these ways by this pandemic, I believe it is my responsibility to use my privilege to benefit those who have been most deeply impacted by this crisis.

As part of a government stimulus package, I received or will receive a deposit of up to $1200 from the federal government. I pledge to use at least 80% of the funds I receive in one or more of the following ways:

  • Support small businesses that support their employees and the broader community.

  • Support small businesses owned by women, PoCs, LGBTQ+ folx, and other marginalized people.

  • Give directly to individuals who have lost income, healthcare, housing, etc., or to undocumented individuals, who pay taxes but are not eligible to receive a deposit.

  • Donate to food banks, homeless shelters, and public health organizations.

  • Donate to programs helping at-risk prisoners transition out of confinement, organizations that support survivors of domestic abuse, and other organizations that provide support and resources for those hardest hit by this crisis.

  • Donate to nonprofits and small businesses that were forced to cancel vital sustaining fundraisers.

  • Save these funds and donate them to services that will aid future disaster relief (flooding, tornadoes, wildfires, hurricanes, etc).

Use this Google sheet to see and contribute the names of organizations that fit into one of these categories.

I will be part of the solution by making an effort to do as many of the following as I can:

  • Adhere to all Stay at Home, Shelter in Place, Physical Distancing, and other public health guidelines.

  • Run essential errands for neighbors that are at risk.

  • Call or otherwise contact friends and family members who are high-risk or may need support.

  • Donate or make Personal Protective Equipment for healthcare workers.

  • Answer other calls for support by individuals in my community.

Please sign your name and, if you'd like, add your email (you'll get a copy of this pledge, nothing else).

Thanks for signing!

Fine print: Your name and email address will not be made public or shared with anyone.